Lyon, France

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ne persévérerons-nous pas dans une si grande cause?

The pals (Elders Petersen and Smith, whom I lived with d'autrefois)

Dearest family and friends,
L'hiver vous acceuille.
I live as a missionary for baptism services.  They are the times on my mission when I have felt the Spirit the strongest and been able to truly rejoice in the fruit of my labors.  I have no doubts that Bruno's service this saturday will be no exception.  He is so ready.  Yesterday at church, he came up to me after the meetings and asked if everyone who was supposed to be on the program was already informed, etc. Then he said that he had already told everyone.  I think that he asked just so that he could tell me that.  It made me really happy, because he is so enthousiastic about what he is going to do this weekend to change his life forever.  He is going to come unto Christ.  Jesus Christ invites all to come unto.  He said multiple times during his earthly ministry... come, follow me... come unto me all ye that are heavy laden... follow thou me... come and see.  He says it again today.
The Swiss village of Orbe is preached to
I'm sorry that my letter will be short today.
Elder Powell and I had an excellent week that involved:
1 Eating double decker cheeseburgers in Geneva, Switzerland.
2 Mission our train back to France... In order to be able to preach the gospel to a few Lamanites in Switzerland!
3 Teaching a man that said that he wanted to fight me (even brought his brother along) but was then softened by the Spirit and agreed to be baptized next month.
4 Preaching the Gospel in a small Swiss village where everyone knew everyone and they were probably the nicest people on the planet, next to Texans.
Other good things happened as well.  Trust me.
I love you much family and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Lord's vineyard.  The time is short, but it is being enjoyed and used to it's fullest.  I love you much and thank you for your love and your support.  Stay dry and warm et que les éléments ne vous blessent pas :)
Avec amour

Conquering the Holy Cowboy in Geneva Switzerland

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