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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mosiah 15:28. L'histoire de la princess d'Inde.

Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 1:14 PM
Dearest family and friends,

Thanks again so much for the joyous outpouring of love and prayers that I received this last week for my birthday.  The best present anyone could ask for.  Yes, it is official, I am 20 years old, no longer a missionary, and as old as my mom when she got married... WEIRD.  No, I feel like a man, though.
Gildas, a cool bro, I got to know him a bit from the interview I conducted with him

It was a joyous week and a joyous birthday.  There was a baptism in Toulouse here on my birthday, so I got to spend it in the best way, watching someone come unto Christ.  His name is Gildas and he comes from Central Africa.  He was only here for 3 MONTHS on an internship and will be returning home in just a few short weeks.  He met the sister missionaries on his first day here and, as he met with him, gained a powerful spiritual witness of the restored church and of the Book of Mormon.  It was very special being able to support him on this special day and listen to his amazing testimony.  After the service, the sisters through a little surprise party for me.  It was better than any of the ones that you tried throwing me, mom, just because none of the members or missionaries spoiled it (Sarah).  I walked into a dark room and there was Gildas with a chocolate cake and six candles in it.  They were those trick candles that relight even after you blow them (they're really popular in France) so I had to put them out with my fingers.  There was a joyous little buffet and great company.  It was a very fun birthday!!!  I love the members here with all my heart!!!
The process of the birthday cake, being surprised, trying to blow it out, failing and picking them out, SUCCESS!

This week was also full of some very special experiences!  We have began teaching one of the Young Adult's girlfriend.  She is Christian, really cool and really ready for the gospel.  She expressed to us that she really has the desire to change and to find out the truth for herself.  Her name is Nelly.  She even said that she wants to be baptized when she feels ready!  We've only taught her twice!  Elder Uluave and I have seen a lot of miracles in focusing our efforts around the members.  I'm so convinced that that is where he places his elect, in their entourage.

We also began teaching a really cool student from China named Xenia.  She was converted to Christianity less than a year ago in Paris and moved down here for an internship with Airbus.  We've only taught her once, and then we'll be passing her to the Chinese elders here, but she came to the baptism and even celebrated at my birthday party!  She is really cool and very, very interested in our unique message.  I'm sure you'll be hearing more about her later.

So now it's time to tell you about what the title signifies.  It happened last night.  It was probably the most insane thing that has happened on my mission.  So this story starts a while ago.  When Elder Petek and I were together, we contacted this group of Indian internship students who all spoke flawless english.  Both times they said that they were super interested, but that they had no time to see us.  Then on my birthday, saturday night, my companion and I contacted one of them, and she recognized me.  We asked if she was interested in meeting with us now and she said, yes absolutely, tomorrow night.  So we saw her last night and we taught her with Elder Williams, who is a senior missionary here who watches over the institute center.  The lesson went really, really well and she was super interested and very attentive.  We told her about Christ and the unique message that we share of the restoration of his church.  It was a very good lesson in our native tongue.  At the end, we explained the Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost and prayer.  She prayed for the first time in her life, and it was beautiful, natural prayer that went straight to the heavens.  After the prayer, we asked her if she would prefer the Book of Mormon in english or hindi, we had both out. She said english, but my companion opened the hindi one and asked if she would at least be willing to read for us in it, so that we could hear. After she read, I asked her what it meant.  She said that it meant that "God would spread his word that it would reach every nation, language and people."  My companion and I looked at each other with dropped jaws.  Some angels might've been playing a trick on us or something.  It was super cool.  We found out afterwards that it was probably Mosiah 15:28, a prophecy of Abinadi.  Cool stuff.  I know that it's true that this prophecy is being fulfilled NOW in our day and time.  God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.  He acts according to our faith and he works miracles through us.  Another cool little fact:  we found out afterwards that she was royal blood.  Yep, we taught an Indian princess this week.

The church is true.  Christ lives.  Faith is the only path.  I love you and wish you all a wonderful week!  Thanks, above all for the prayers!

Avec amour,
Elder Kunzler

PS.  Congrats Garth on your mission call!  You're going to beast it out there!

We got presents?!

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