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Monday, March 4, 2013

Prenez Mon Joug

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 4:24 PM
Hello, there, one and all!

I hope that you are all profiting well from the sun that has appeared in the European skies!  I don't know if it is residing on your side of the world, but it is a joy to behold for us winter chilled missionaries here in Toulouse!  It is a little windy, but BEAUTIFUL today here in southern France.

Elder Uluave and I have passed a joyful week with some interesting experiences, but a great climax.  At the beginging of the week, we took a little adventure to the big city of Lyon to have a council with the leaders from all corners of the mission.  Since the mission will nearly be doubling in the coming months, the number of the leaders has already nearly doubled.  The mission is preparing quickly for the 22 sisters who will be entering the mission at the beginning of next month and all of the changes that will follow!  It was a pleasure to learn at the foot of our inspired mission president. It was good to be with all of my old collegues (see included picture).  Unfortunately, upon our return from Lyon, I fell quite sick and had to stay in bed to recover for a bit.  But the end of our week was full of some pretty spiritually experiences.

My awesome companions are all ZLs! (ET in Nice EP in Lyon)
Tracey is very much ready for this Saturday, the day of her baptism.  She has been awaiting this day for nearly five weeks now since we have begun meeting with and teaching her.  She is really well prepared and well integrated.  This weekend we fasted together that she might have a special baptism and then we had the opportunity to close the fast together at a member's home.  We ate a yummy French meal and then had our own little testimony meeting in the comfort of this family's beautiful home.  It was a pleasure to hear someone who have grown very close to and grown to love very much testify of Christ and of his Restored gospel and church.  She also bore testimony of praying to God and being able to find her cat.  haha.  It was a very special, evening, one that I'll likely never forget.  I am grateful for wonderful members who open up their spirit-filled homes to our friends and show them so much love and such a good example.  It was a delight.

Alexis, Elsa and David are doing joyously as well.  Alexis passed a good week in Paris, and found some really good success in his interviews up there.  We know that the Lord is blessing him as he turns towards him and that He is leading him where he wants him to go.  David said the closing prayer yesterday in sacrament meeting for the first time EVER!  He did a good job!  Haha he is the man.

I finished the Book of Mormon in French this week on the way home from Lyon!  Its just as good as it is in English.
As I told you a little bit over skype on Christmas, we are doing a lot of member work, trying to help the members to do missionary work with us.  To speed up this process, we have planned a musical activity that will take place just after Tracey's baptism on Saturday. This will give us a good opportunity to meet some of the members friends and to help them feel the Spirit!  I will be singing a little something-something... maybe even with Utile.  I'll try to get it on film so that I can send it to you all!

Know that I love you with a lot of heart and I wish you a "bonne semaine!"  

Avec amour

Elder Kunzler
Me and a naked guy carrying a horse in Montpellier.

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