Lyon, France

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bordeaux, 3

Dearest family and friends,

Well, there goes another transfer.  I swear that the longer one stays on a missionary, the faster the mission flies by.  Its kind of scary actually.

I spent the weekend without Elder Emal.  He received a phone call on thursday afternoon from president, calling him to be his new assistant, so he took off on friday morning to go receive some training and I stayed here with another companionship in our area.  I will be staying here in Lormont, Bordeaux for another transfer!  This morning I received my new companion, Elder Johnson from Kaysville, Utah.  He was a good friend even before the mission, we went to BYU together and got to know each other as we spent some time at President Roneys home in Provo.  We even texted each other the day before entering the MTC, hoping that we would be companions, and then ended up in the same district.  It is going to be a pleasure serving with him.  He is the smilest, hardest working, most obedient missionary on this side of the Mississippi.  The Lord has blessed me so much during my mission with my companions, I feel like he is really trying to form me and to help be more Christlike by sending me extraordinary missionaries as companions.  I'm going to miss Elder Emal a ton, he is a very good friend and there is a reason that he is in Lyon serving next to president.  Every mission needs more missionaries like him and the world needs more men like him.

I am SO happy to stay here in the ward.  I don't know if I've stressed this fact enough in my letters, but this ward is CELESTIAL.  The members here are full of so much Christlike light and love and I feel like I am just here basking in it and learning from their amazing examples.  Elder Johnson and I want to work extra extra hard this transfer in their presence to bring someone unto Christ.  We're going to baptize this transfer!  We have a lot of potential right now, and we just kind of need to tap into it.  Daniel and Rute (the portuguese couple) are progressing well at the moment and they have a ton of potential.  We gave them the Book of Mormon in Portuguese this last week and they accepted it with gratitude and asked us to bear our testimonies of it.  They had already read the pamphlet on the Restoration that we had given them and were ready to dig in.  Alvine's grandmother passed away this last week, so she will be spending a few weeks in Cameroon, Africa to attend her funeral and be with her family.  Marie-Louise has been travelling a ton lately, but we're going to be seeing her this week.  We will be praying and working with the spirit to guide us to God's children who have been prepared for the message of the Restoration of Christ's true church!

This last week, I didn't get to spend a ton of it in Bordeaux.  I travelled and was able to do some exchanges with younger missionaries, which is always a delightful experience.  I was able to travel to the cities of Pau and Bayonne this week, and was able to see some pretty cool things in other areas.  On the way to a district meeting in Bayonne, we met a woman on a bus who told me that she didn't believe in God.  I bore my testimony of prayer and promised her that if she would try praying out, she would be able to feel God's spirit.  I gave her a card with my number on it as she got off the bus.  During the district meeting, I got a call from an unknown number and answered it.  She told me that she was the woman who I talked with on the bus.  She told me that she had followed my recommendation and prayed and that she wanted to confess to me!  I told her that I was not a priest and that we did confess that way in our religion, but I explained to her a little bit more who we are, that we are simply here to draw people closer to Christ.  I told her that there are very kind sister missionaries here in Bayonne who would kindly talk to her and explain more.  She said she wanted to see them that afternoon!  Missionary work is pretty fun stuff.

Elder Kunzler is doing very well!  Thank you so much for your prayers and for your letters.  I love you all so much!  Keep exercising your faith every single day because it is the best way to live and I know that Heavenly Father gives us a ton more happiness if we do it!

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler

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