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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ecoutez! aux Nations

Dear family and friends,

It was such a pleasure to talk to you yesterday and to see (some of) your smiling faces! :)  Happy Mother's Day encore!

So as I was telling some of you, we had a great week with a lot of fruit, but not exactly in the way that we expected.  We were ratéd 15 times, my companion and I counted.  This means that we had 15 planned lessons to which the investigator didn't show up or canceled last minute.  This is not easy since teaching is the essence of missionary work, but we were able to focus our efforts in other areas as a result!  We had some great less-active member visits and we re-motivated a less-active member to come to church yesterday!  He is a great guy from the Ivory Coast and he is now preparing himself to receive the Melchisedek Priesthood.  We will be having lunch with him and his non-member wife tomorrow, so this will be an excellent missionary opportunity as she doesn't know much about the church!

Yesterday we had a particular experience after my companion and I finished chatting with you all.  We received a call from Olivier, a recent convert who was just baptized a few weeks back.  He called and told us that he was going to leave the church, that it was a great experience getting baptized, etc. but that he no longer wanted to be a member.  We told him that it would be better to talk in person so we met up with him right away.  We brought a strong brother in the ward to join us.  We talked for a long time and came to find out that he had never been reading the Book of Mormon, didn't have a testimony of it's truthfulness, thus not having a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration.  And he also still had some problems with the Word of Wisdom that kept him from being 100% attentive to the spirit.  We had a great meeting with him and talked about all of these things openly.  It was really edifying.  The member's testimony shined!  We engaged him to truly begin to read the Book of Mormon, to apply Moroni's promise and to fully live the Word of Wisdom.  He accepted!  He's a good man, but he just hadn't understood certain things and he still kept one foot in the world while trying to have a pure and spiritual life and it wasn't working.

Hermeline, remember, the young student from Congo?  She is AWESOME!  She is really attentive to the spirit and very pure.  She reminds me a ton of Utile, someone that I taught in Toulouse.  We met with her on Saturday and had a really constructive appointment.  Unfortunately she was not able to come to church yesterday because she had other family obligations, but she promised this sunday that she could make it.  We finished teaching her about the message of the Restoration and she grasped the magnitude of it very quickly.  She opened up to us a lot and told us about her family situation, some of her worries and concerns.  She's beginning to build a trusting relationship with us and it is a real privilege to be able to teach her!

This week we will be teaching a really cool couple!  It's actually a pretty funny experience, the way that we found them.  We were in an outer town, visiting our ward mission leader for our weekly meeting with him.  After eating dinner with them, we left a little early before catching the bus in order to do a bit of work in their neighborhood.  His wife didn't have the best attitude and she told us that we were going to have a hard time in their neighborhood.  The first people who we talked to when we left their home was a super nice couple who invited us to come back to teach them!  We called up his wife to share this miracle with her and she couldn't believe it!  Hehe.  You gotta have faith.

Many more miracles to share, and so little time!  I love you all and I wish you the happiest of happy weeks!  Never let a day go by where you don't do a special act of kindness!

I love you


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