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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go Get 'Em

Another killer week at the MTC.  First of all, before I forget... Jacob, yes I did get your dearelder last week and mom and dad,  I have received a notification that I have received yours, but I won't be able to read them until tonight.  I'm way stoked to hear from you though.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD!  You should be expecting something in the mail, but be patient because the people who work in the mail room at the MTC are actually turtles, not humans.  A couple of slugs there in the mix as well.
I want to start by telling you something that I'm really excited about!  The french language is coming!  Its so cool.  It's required a lot of patience, and I didn't feel like I could really express myself in our lessons and I was really reliant on notes... but I'm getting more and more comfy!  I feel like I can express myself (VERY basically), I am off notes, and I have the first vision memorized.  Elder Wilson and I have 2 new progressing investigators and they are doing swell.  One of my favorite things about the MTC is watching my teachers try to act.  Jacob, I'm sure you were an excellent actor when playing a PI, but Frere Weed and Frere Magre... well let's just say they struggle.  Haha.  But they're trying to help us to be great missionaries, and I've learned a lot about how to teach from them.
Another thing that is pretty radical here... the Devotionals and Firesides!  I don't know if I've already talked about the ones that I've gone to in the past couple of weeks, but they're all incredible.  My favorite so far was just on Sunday (PS. there's a rumor floating around that the prophet is here and that he will be speaking at the devo tonight... we'll see...  PPS. I'm in the choir and we're signing Lead, Kindly Light.  Cool, huh?)  It was Sheri Dew, the CEO of Desert Book and the lady who does the Mormon Channel Conversations with general authorities.  She is honestly my favorite woman on the PLANET (besides a few noble women who are related to me, of course).  She spoke on overcoming distractions/become more hope-minded/receiving gifts form God/remembering all that he has given us/how to have more meaningful prayer.  It was honestly EVERYTHING I wanted to hear about and more.  She spoke with so much power that you could've heard a pin drop during the silent portions when she allowed the Spirit to touch our hearts.  I was so impressed with her, that I went up and shook her hand afterward.  I thanked her for her testimony and told her to keep being awesome (or something nervous like that) and she smiled and asked me where I was going.  I told her France and she said, "Go get 'em."  I intend to.
One thing that I've been thinking about a lot since I've been in the MTC is why God calls 19-year-old boys (the weak, despised things of the world) to go and do his most important work.  I've thought about this a ton.  I've come to realize that He has many excellent reasons, being the perfect and all-wise father that He is.  One thing that I've realized since I've been here, though, is that he calls us in weakness that we might be moved to totally really on Him.  If we are humble and recognize that EVERYTHING that will make us happy/successful/good missionaries will come to us only as a gift from Him.  Once we learn to rely on Him for everything and ask for the things that we desire, he will give it to us.  He will give us His spirit, which will direct us in every aspect of the work, he will help us in our language studies, he will help us in our companionships, etc.  He will make us weak things strong in His eyes.  He calls the unleared and despised to thrash the nations by the power of His Spirit.  I have learned to trust in Him and his wisdom and his methods of fulfilling his purposes.
I love this work with all my heart and am so humbled to be apart of it.  Keep being the incredible people that you all are.  I love you with all my heart.
"Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard? 'Tis not so, all is well.  Why should we think to earn a great reward if we now shun the fight?"
Elder Kunzler
PS.  I could use some new slacks (34x34).  I wear the exact same pair EVERYDAY and I am worried that people will notice and ask me to go home.
PPS.  If anyone is wanting to get me a really, really cool 4th of July gift, but have no idea where to start, some gold gel pens would be ultra cool.
PPPS.  Tornado's passin' by. I wanna hear from you, James.  Muahahahaha

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