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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nous sommes les missionnaires du prochaine nouveau!

Another fun and exciting week at the MTC!  I have so much to tell you guys, and so little time!  First off, I'd like to thank Manita SO MUCH for the package... It made my day yesterday.  Honestly, since I hadn't heard anything from any of you guys, people in my district were starting to wonder if I even had a family or if I was just one of the Three Nephites or something.  But honestly, they gummy worms were so good.  We all shared them in class and even our instructor (Frere Weed) would come grab a handful between lessons.  And the scarf is awesome, I won't need it for a while, but I love it.  Thanks for the updates, Dad and Manita!  As for the rest of you, I'd kinda like to hear WTHeck's goin' on.  JK, you're all busy with the moves and finals and stuff.  Bonne chance with it all!
So the highlight of this week was finishing our first teaching experience with our first fake investigator, who is actually now our 2nd French teacher.  It had an epic conclusion.  Elder Wilson and I were praying about what to teach him and we decided to teach about the Holy Ghost and it's role in gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  Our lesson went really well and at the end I felt prompted to ask if he would commit to be baptised.... so I did it... in French.  After an ultra long pause,he nodded his head yes!  It was pretty exciting.  But then after that we had NO IDEA what to do. It was pretty funny.  But afterwards he told us that we were the first companionship to ever commit him to baptism in the first week at the MTC since he'd been working there (like a year).  It was cool.
Another thing that E-Wil and I did this week was sing "A Child's Prayer" as the musical number in Sacrament meeting... in French.  We did it with Soeur Gardner (who I knew from BYU, we had a class together) and Soeur Harris.  It sounded pretty good, I thought.  Even though we were probably way off with the pronunciations and stuff.  Elder Wilson is such a help with the language.  He took 3 years in high school.  In fact, I'm like one of the only guys in my district who didn't have any French experience before the MTC.  But it's coming! I'm catching up!  It's crazy to me how fast you can learn at the MTC and how all the information which you take in everyday (which is A LOT) just kind of sticks.  It probably helps that we're basically doing the EXACT same thing everyday and that the spirit is so strong here.  And also that it is the most important preparatory work being done on the earth today, so God is probably kinda blessing us.
I also wanted to answer some of dad's questions...  Is the MTC different from Disneyland in that there are no lines?  NO.  There are lines for everything.  Even though they try to make the schedules as effective as possible, there always seem to be lines in the Dining Hall.  But it is also like Disneyland in that there are fast passes.  There's a little secret cereal area that not many people know about that has my favorite kinds of cereal (raisin bran, cheerios and life) and there is never a line.  It's also like Disneyland in that the Aladdin show, firework parade and Waterworld (the firesides and devotionals) always have a super long line just to get in (20-30 min.) but they are ALWAYS worth the wait (unlike the Aladdin show).  Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy spoke last Tuesday about being the best missionary by following the spirit and opening your mouth.  Something that I really loved about his talk is that, instead of just reading the tele-prompter (like almost all the other speakers do), he just had a little note with a few random thoughts on it and he just completely followed the spirit.  It was powerful.  There is going to be another killer devo tonight.  BTW, the prophet and all of the apostles will be here in a couple of weeks.  The MTC will be on fire.  I'll keep you updated.
I just want to conclude this email (the freaky timere just turned red) by telling you guys how much I love being here.  I wouldn't rather be doing anything else with my life.  I have the best job in the world.  All I do all day is prepare myself to be able to help others come unto Christ.  I am filled with the Spirit everyday.  It's really, really hard, but it's the most rewarding work.  Thanks so much for the prayers.  I can honestly say I feel them working.  I love you guys so much!  Keep up the good work!  Hurrah for Israel!
Much love,
Elder Kunzler
P.S.  No camera's on the computers here.  I'll have to send you guys my little data chip at the end of my stay here at the MTC.  Or whenever I have a satisfactory amount of pictures. Don't worry, I'm getting some good ones!
P.P.S. Yes, my P-Day is Tuesday

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