Lyon, France

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bordeaux, I love you so


I must tell you something.  I am so lucky to be here at this place and time.  Like I explained to you, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ came to this land and left it an apostolic blessing.  He blessed the members, he blessed the missionaries and he blessed the people of this wonderful land.  Then in conference he told us that just as the surely as the Lord is increasing the number of his missionaries, he is also preparing the hearts of good and honest people to receive our teachings.  Dearest family, these are inspired men of the Lord and they can see further than the rest of us can.  The things that you say are true.

Elder Emal and I saw a lot of miracles this week.  Our mission president told us that he didn't know why he wanted the two of us together (a couple of geeks) but that it was for a good reason.  We have seen a lot of cool things together.  This week we found 6 new amis, that is the most I've ever seen on my mission.  We prayed for incredible things to happen, we've really been concecrating ourselves to our fullest potential, and then giving it even a little bit more, we've been trying to show great love to all of God's children, especially those who want to have nothing to do with us.  We persisted in these things and were able to accomplish miracles through faith.

Just so you know, this is the warmest, most celestial ward I have ever had the pleasure of serving in.  Yesterday, I received a warmer welcome than I ever have in the past. It was most likely just because the missionaries here before me did such a great job of winning their confidence, endearing them and loving them.  There is a recent convert who gave us both a plate of muffins and a big Bordeaux tour guide.  In my first two weeks here, I've been invited to go to members homes more than in an entire transfer!  And what's best is that they adore the Savior and his work.  Many of the members here know Elder Andersen well and worked closely with him when he was a mission president.  They understand missionary work and they love it.

Yesterday we accomplished a secret little plan.  There is a wonderful soul in our ward who was converted to the gospel just a few years ago.  Now she wants her family to taste the same joy.  We created a secret Iittle plan to be able to meet them, serve them and invite them to learn more about the incredible plan that God has for his children.  Seeing that I've become "quite the cook" (as dad would say) since I've been on my mission, I made a little pasta thing to bring over.  We ate it all together, with this woman's family and they (her daughter and 20 and 13 year old granddaughters) LOVED it.  Since time was running short before we had an interview with President, I made a proposition that we could fix another RDV to show them how to make it (I told them it was a secret recipe) if they would listen to the things that we had to tell them about God's wondeful plan for the family.  They accepted my proposition.  I found it amusing being a bit like Ammon; harmless.

I have more miracles to tell you.  So much is in the process.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve the Lord in this time and in this area, when the Lord is truly "hastening his work" and amazing things are in the works.  I know that Christ lives and that knowledge is the most precious knowledge that I have.  No one can take that from me.  It is something that I had to seek after myself.  There are many people around us every single day who are looking for this truth but are simply kept from it "because they know not where to find it."  Our most important work is to testify of the truth in love!  I get to do it full time for 2 years.  And then without a badge for the rest of my life!  I invite you to share your testimony with someone this week, I know that you will feels God's love and approval in doing so.

je vous aime tous, passez une bonne semaine!

avec amour

Elder Kunzler

PS  I have an ultra cool photo with all of my companions that I took this week at ZL council.  I forgot my cord, so I'll send it next week!

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