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Monday, April 29, 2013

For All Those Who Love God...

A French Burger and "French" Fries

Dearest family and friends,

Fun fact:  the title of my email today comes from the Apostolic Blessing that Elder Andersen gave when he was here in border, over 6 months ago.  He blessed this land that "all those who love God will be led into our chapels to discover the truth."  I know that the promises of the Lord and of his servants are true and good.  Let me show you how I know.

This week was special.  It was likely the busiest week of my mission, with back-to-back rendez-vous throughout the week and many joyous activities to be a part of.  We were able to accomplish some cool things with the time that was given to us this week.

So on Sunday last week, we set up a RDV to go and eat at a lovely elderly couples home on Wednesday.  Tuesday morning, this member calls me at 8:15 in the morning, during studies and asks if we could come half an hour earlier to the spot where they were going to pick me us up to take us over to their home.  I said that would be fine, but asked if it was today, or if we were still going to do it on Wednesday like we had fixed it on Sunday.  He said that it was always going to be Tuesday, and that we'd see him that evening.  Alrighty.  So at 6 that evening we were at the spot where they were supposed to be waiting to be picked up.  We waited 5 minutes.  We waited 10 minutes.  15 minutes.  I decided to call their home phone to see if he had already left.  His wife answered and told me that we were mistaken, that it was Wednesday that we were supposed to meet them.  I told her about her husband's call that morning.  She said it was a mistake, sorry, that she'd see us the following day.  So, with the remainder of our time, we decided to just do contacting.  While we were at that same spot, however, there was a woman with two young little boys who was looking at me.  I decided to go and talk to her.  She said that she was taking her son to Judo practice, but if we wanted, we could accompany her and discuss while she was waiting for him to finish.  To make a long story short, she is a woman who loves God and was looking for something more.  We explained to her that in the restored church of Christ she could make covenants with God that would bring her much closer to her and be a blessing for a long time.  She said that she would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it to know if these things were true.  We will be seeing her this week.  I do not know why this old man called me 8:15 in the morning to tell the missionaries to be at so and so a place at so and so a time.  But I know that it is not by chance.
This book is true!

Next miracle.  A few weeks ago, Elder Emal gave a pass along card (something that we hand out to people. it has our number, a website and the church address) to a woman named Josephine.  Josephine's sister, last week, told Josephine that she wanted to learn English.  This reminded her of 2 young American men who she had met a few weeks ago.  She went, found the card, gave it to her sister and told her to call the number, saying that they might be able to help.  At the beginning of the week I received a call from Josephine's sister, Marie Louise.  She told me about her situation and asked if we might be able to help her to learn English.  I told her that we would, but that we would ONLY talk about Jesus.  She accepted and told me in English, "I love Jesus".  Cool.  So yesterday, we met with her for the first time in the chapel.  We told her that for the first meeting we were only going to speak to her in French, and that in the following meetings we could use a little more English.  She said that would be fine.  We taught her about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She said that she was going to do all that was necessary to find out for herself that it is true.  She told us that she would prepare to be baptized on the 1st of June.

Those who love God and His Son are being brought into his flock.  In France.  In Brazil.  In the United States.  Everywhere in the world.  Isn't it an amazing place in time that we have the pleasure to live in.  The most exciting, in my opinion.  The Lord is hastening his work!  Let's not miss out on it!

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler

Whoa. Superstar, superstar. erah erah reh reh uh superstar.

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