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Monday, May 13, 2013

Ce fut un plaisir.

Dearest family

It was such a pleasure to see your smiling faces yesterday!  I don't know if I already did, but mom, I wish you a very happy mother's day!  You are wonderful I love you so much.

So I only have a couple minutes to write today, it is transfer day and, as usual, I will be spending all of it at the train station helping arriving and departing missionaries in and out of their trains.  Elder Emal and I, thank heavens, get to spend another transfer together!  There will be another équipe of coming into our ward, which is something that the ward is super excited about!  At least 6 more weeks in Bordeaux... YES.

So a couple of cool stories before I must bounce.  I told you, family, a little about how Marie-Louise is progressing, she is doing REALLY welling, reading, praying and taking her engagement for baptism pretty seriously.  She was very touched by the film of the Restoration and she told us that she knows that it is true, that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.  She is doing very well.  Other than that, it has been difficult getting to teach some of our other amis, since it is vacation time right now and many of them have been out of town.  But we got to do some cool missionary work nonetheless.

On Saturday evening, we paid a visit to a recent convert originally from El Salvador to do some missionary work with her.  She took a phone call from her daughter in Paris about halfway though the visit.  She decided to give me the phone and told me to introduce myself (since I am still fairly new and hadn't talked to her before).  She was very kind and we talked for a couple minutes and got to know each other.  Then I invited her to meet the missionaries in Paris.  I told her that they are really cool and really nice and that they would be able to teach her about things that would change her life forever.  She said that she was pretty busy with work and school, but said that she would have some time on the weekends, and that that would be fine.  Radical!  The recent convert was SO excited!  She said that it was one step closer to her family being eternal!  It was a cool experience to help someone who I've seen or met in person, on the other side of the country to come a little bit closer to Christ by accepting to met his representatives.

I must be going, but I love you family and I wish you a wonderful week in may.  Dieu soit avec vous jusqu'au revoir!

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler

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