Lyon, France

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Il a tant aimé le monde

Dearest family,

I know that the Lord gives you sheaves when you work in his field.

I'll try my best to show you how I know it.

Even though Elder Emal and I only taught one lesson this week, we were able to find people to help come unto Christ.  Marie-Louise, Laurentine, Marie-Sophie, Sarah, are all either going through some tough moments or are very busy, so we were not able to see any of them.  But we found.

One day Elder Emal and I were walking through a park and we found a woman playing with her granddaughter.  She had a difficult time communicating with us in French, seeing as she was from Romania.  She told us that her husband was going to be entering the hospital soon and that she would be returning to Romania the following day.  She really felt the Spirit though and told us to go and visit her daughter.  She pointed in the general direction of where she lived and gave us her last name.  The next day, we were in the neighborhood, looking diligently for this person, but found nothing.  A few days later, we happened to be in the neighborhood and my companion pointed out a new street that we had not yet checked out.  We went and sure enought, there they were.  She greeted us kindly and told us that she would be very interested in the message that we have.  She just went through a divorce and some tough times, and has really been softened and prepared by the Lord.  We look forward to bringing her a message that can fill her life with joy and hope.

Yesterday, we were to catch a bus in the evening to go to visit a recent convert and teach her and her non-member daughter.  Unfortunately, we missed the bus.  It was the last bus. We were quite disappointed.  But then, as if from nowhere two people came up to us, one of them saying that he wanted to become a Mormon, he had talked to sister missionaries in the past, but had lost their coordonnées.  The other wanted to know if there is a God.  God led us to a couple of his children who are searching for him.

Alvine is doing very well.  She came to church and we taught her yesterday evening.  She knows that the church is true, but she just has quite a few fears.  She doesn't feel ready to be baptized.  She feels the spirit when she comes to church, when she reads the scriptures and prays, and she knows that she needs to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to have these feelings with her all the time.  But she's just having a hard time putting all of the pieces together.  She wants to know everything before she becomes a member of the church.  She doesn't understand that we continue to learn and progress and follow Jesus Christ for the rest of our lives and that we do not have to be perfect before baptism.  We're taking it step by step with her.  We're going to try to teach her in another family's home, to help her to feel the spirit and love of God.

God loves his children so much.  He loves us SO SO much.  I am so grateful to feel this love every single day for his children here in France.  It is so true that if we come closer unto Him, he will draw nearer unto us.  Let us all reach out to Him and show to Him our thankfulness and our desire to be a light for His children.  To share the same love that he showed to us in sending His Son.

I love you!

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler

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