Lyon, France

Sunday, July 14, 2013

J'irai ou tu veux que je sois

Hello, family!

It is really hot in France.  REALLY HOT.  It's nice though, because it makes you appreciate ANY kind of breeze, air conditioning, fan, or drink of water. :)

Elder Johnson and I had a fun time being Mormon missionaries this week.  We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time in our area.  Monday and Tuesday, we spent in Lyon for a leadership council.  Thursday and Friday we spent in a city called Tarbes in our zone.  We went to help this companionship out because they were newly arrived in the area.  We did double exchanges and found a LOT of people to teach.  My companion worked with the District Leader, Elder Tromeur, an Italian.  And I worked with Elder Castillo, a brand new missionary, fresh out of 6 weeks in the MTC.  He comes from Salt Lake City, Utah.  We had much fun together!

On Thursday, Elder Castillo and I were planning on going to a city called Lourdes (a holy city for Catholics) to teach a lesson to a family that is being taught there.  We took our study time in the morning to plan out a beautiful lesson on the Plan of Salvation. We had it all practiced, with beautiful scriptures picked out and everything, when we found out that this family would not be able to see us that day.  We changed our plans and decided to stay in the city of Tarbes.  When we went outside after an Italian lunch, the third person who we saw on the street asked us, "Vous etes missionnaires Mormons?"  "Are you mormon missionaries?"  Yes!  We started talking to her and we came to discover that she had read parts of the Book of Mormon with a friend who owns it in another city.  She told us that she was actually a former professor of French and Greek and that she is a practicing Protestant.  We ended up talking to her for a while in a nearby park.  She had many questions about the Book of Mormon, and we were able to read some passages and the Introduction together.  The talked about the wonderful message of the Restoration and she was very, very interested.  She asked us how much it cost to purchase a Book of Mormon.  We told her that it is just the price of printing, one dime.  Mehehe, no just kidding.  She was happy to recieve it for free.  She explained that she wouldn't be able to come to church on sundays because every weekend she visits her mother in Bordeaux.  I asked her what part of Bordeaux, and it ended up being a place in our area!  I explained that I was just there for a few days, but that normally I work in Bordeaux and she said that she would come visit our chapel in Lormont on sundays!  It was a pretty miraculous experience.  What are the chances?  There aren't any.

The other days that Elder Johnson and I got to work in our sector were pretty miracle filled as well.  Yesterday, we were able to teach two new amies.  We had a good lesson, and a fun time bearing our testimonies.  "Bear testimony" is such a weird expression in English.

I haven't told you about Sister Adema yet.  Sister Adema is one of my favorite people that I've met on my mission.  She is a semi-less-active member here in our ward.  She doesn't always come to church mostly because of health problems and also because her husband is not a member.  Imagine a European woman who is pretty well off, loves her garden, loves to talk and talk and talk, own really nice things, loves the missionaries and loves Heavenly Father.  This is Sister Adema.  Family, when you come to France, we'll stay at her home.  Elder Johnson and I and the other companionship her visited.  Elder Petersen and I made her an American BBQ.  She loved it.  Her husband (not a member) said the opening prayer!  Yesterday we took her the sacrament and he sang a hymn with us.  He is just a jolly old man and he is going to accept the restored gospel while I'm still here in Bordeaux.  I love them.

I love my mission lots.  James, I know that you're going to love your mission lots. Matt, I'm sure you loved you mission lots.  If anyone is reading this who is thinking about possibly serving a full-time Mormon mission.  DO IT.  You'll never, ever regret it.

I love you all lots!

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler

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