Lyon, France

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Soyons courageux car nous avons Jesus-Christ


There is still not an unhallowed hand to be found that can stop the work of the Lord from going forth.

This week was full of some amazing miracles and some disappointments, but all affliction has been swallowed up in the joy of Christ!

Remember Rute and Daniel, the Portugese couple that Elder Emal and I found about a month ago?  Well, we had lost contact with them after Elder Emal went over to teach them on an exchange with a missionary in our Zone.  They had stopped answering our phone calls, replying to our text messages and even knocks on the door.  Well, at the beginning of this last week, we went over.  They answered the door, and immediately Rute (who speaks the better French) started spitting out reasons for why they had not been able to see us for the last few weeks.  They had been busy with work, they had been going to the beach, there was a scripture in the Book of Mormon that displeased her.  We responded calmly, trying to invite the Spirit into the conversation.  Eventually, she invited us in.  We sat down and started talking with her.  Eventually, after discussing, we had come to learn that the reason she had stopped her contact with us was that the missionary that Elder Emal brought over on the exchange did not impress her.  She said that when she asked why he had come on a mission and share his believes with the French, she felt like his replies were insincere and even lame.  Obviously, she should not judge this missionary, but I know that she has a great point.  Sincerity and goodness of intention is incredibly important in missionary work and the people sense it.  In any case, she was soothed over because we shared our testimonies and read from the Book of Mormon.  She wants to continue to see us.  We explained that we are going to help them to repent, to feel the joy of the Atonement.  They had questions about the Word of Wisdom, so we were able to teach them about that.  It is so excited to help people to change their life for the better!

Remember Edwige and Antoinette?  They are really cool.  Antoinette read the chapter that we left her to read, 3 Nephi 11.  This is My Beloved Son.  Hear Ye Him.  And then we showed them a film depicting the First Vision, which depicts the father saying basically the same thing to Joseph Smith.  Wow, the Spirit was strong.  We had an amazing member there to testify with us and share his testimony of the Book of Mormon.  Whoa!  It is fun to be a missionary.  These women take seriously their opportunity to study the restored gospel with us (I apologize.  I feel like I'm writing this whole letter with French grammar.)  They take notes and ask excellent questions.  We will be seeing them again tomorrow!

I know that the most important thing in whatever we choose to spend our time in life doing is simply to believe.  If we choose to be a Mormon missionary, we must believe that the message we share with everyone is going to really change their life.  We have to believe that the Savior is truly right there on our side with his angels.  I really believe that.  I love the Savior.  I know Him.  I really do.  And it makes my soul sing.  Whoa.

I love you and invite you to bear your testimony to someone who has NEVER heard it this week.  That will be radical.  And it will make you and Heavenly Father happy.

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler (celui qui travaille en France, parmi les arbres, les champignons, les couchons, et les francais glorieux)

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