Lyon, France

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Avec Dieu, tout est possible

Mes chers,

This last week was the fastest week of my life. And I am totally convinced that this week will be even faster.  The mission flies by faster as you go on.  And whats more is that it is already the last week of the transfer!  It feels like I just arrived in Dijon.  Elder L'homel wrote me this morning, telling me that he's already started his studies in medicine up in Nancy, and it's unimaginable!  It feels like we were just together! Elder Powell and I hope to stay together for the next transfer.
The Lord blessed our efforts.  Even with a hurt foot, we were able to teach 10 lessons this last week, the most I've taught since Toulouse.  We are seem some really cool progress in our sector.  The ward here is excellent and we're started to feel a pretty cool missionary spirit. Yesterday, the stake president, a French-speaking Swiss German, came and talked about missionary work.  He taught from Preach My Gospel.  He reminded us abou the talks Elder Nelson has given the last two general conferences.  It was just what this ward needed.
Our investigators are progressing well.  This last week was a turning point in the conversion process of Bruno. We had decided to teach him in the home of a recent convert who has gone through some of the same difficulties as him.  This member had overcome cigarettes and bore a powerful testimony of the power of the Atonement.  Then on Saturday, he received a priesthood blessing from another wonderful brother in the ward.  He is very motivated and has already reduced a lot.  Our goal is to have him completely off cigarettes by the end of next week.  We moved his baptismal date to the Saturday after general conference and he is very determined.
Regis is doing well as well. He is very busy and it is difficult to see him and he didn't come to church yesterday because he got to bed really late.  We are praying that he will find more time to see us and that he will come to church this sunday.  We gave him a calendar with things to read and study on a daily basis, which should help him to progress even though we don't get to see him on a daily basis.  He has a lot of faith, had questions about blacks and the priesthood, but it didn't shake him at all.  He's already got a strong testimony.
I finally got to meet the Fèvre family (the one that I called and that got taught while I was confined to the apartment).  They are wonderful!  They have 3 little boys that are adorable.  They had tons of questions because they had read a pamphlet about the Restoration and the entire intro to the Book of Mormon.  Unfortunately, they had also looked on the internet to see the opinions of the enemies of the church, so they had questions about polygamy, tithing, prophets, etc.  But they are very open and very sincere.  We taught about the blessings that the gospel can bring to a family and how in God's plan, a family can be eternal.  The father said the prayer at the end of the lesson and I was very, very touched by his prayer.  He prayed that he would be able to fulfill his role in the family and that his family would be blessed.  Joy!
The work of the Lord is going on and no unhallowed hand is stopping it.  I'm not exactly sure what that means, does Satan have a hallow hand? In any case, Satan does all that he can to stop it.  But it is amazing to be able to be a represent Jesus Christ and do the same things that he did. I can testify of the power of prayer and the principle that faith plays.  Sometimes as a missionary you feel like you are on the frontlines with the Lord's battle against sin, evil and wickedness.  It can be difficult sometimes when you see how vast its influence is.  But I testify of the that light.  That light that came into the world and the world did not recognize it.  That light that shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.  That light is the infinite light of the Savior.  It is there.  It is real.  It is powerful.  I know it.
I love you family and wish you the best in whatever you are doing!  I love you so much!  May the Lord bless you in your school, studies, mission, etc.
Avec amour

PS.  News on the foot:  it did get infected, but aparently it is normal because there are surely tiny little pieces of wood still in the foot.  These foreign bodies will eventually find their way out of my system somehow.  I will be going to the doctors today to see if I need to get back on antibiotics.  Thanks for your prayers. :)

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