Lyon, France

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Une écharde dans la chair

Dearest family and friends,

So, I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.  The bad news is that they had to amputate the foot.  The good news is that they actually replaced with a robotic foot that is stronger and has more stamina than a foot of flesh and bones.  It will allow me to serve the Lord at a higher capacity.

No, the foot is doing well.  On Saturday the took out the wire drains and the stitches and cleaned it up a little bit.  The nurse was a little bit worried because the place where the splinter entered into my foot had not completely healed and still revealed my flesh.  So she bandaged it up and said to start walking, but very lightly and that she would come back on monday to check on it.  This morning after I took my shower the wound started spitting out some thick orange liquid.  When the nurse came by, she told me that it was normal.  She also said that if there are any mini splinters or pieces of wood remaining in my foot that they will eventually just find their way out.  This is comforting information.  I talked to President Roney this morning and we got to laugh about it.  He told me to be easy on it.  My companion hates walking next to me on the street because I have this cane and I look like I might be incompetent both physically and mentally.  The foot is healing!

So, I think that after this last week I can testify with conviction that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Ses voies sont mystèrieuses.  The last 3 weeks we have been living with Elder L'homel (French) and Elder Dieduksman (Dutch).  It was the last week of their missions this last week and they left yesterday because they will be starting their studies next week.  So between the 3 of them, they switched off to have someone always in the apartment looking after me while the other two went out and worked.  At the beginning of the week one of the Zone Leaders had called me and asked what I was going to do in the apartment to be a productive missionary.  He proposed reading the entire Book of Mormon in French (which I have already done).  So I started that, and got through the Testimony of Joseph Smith.  I also cleaned the apartment.  I organized.  Eventually I felt like I need to find something to do to feel like I was a productive missionary.  So I started looking through the Area Book.  I have never been one to work a ton out of the Area Book on my mission.  Ling Liu, who Elder Tulley and I baptized at the beginning of my mission was found in the Area Book, but since then I haven't done a whole lot of Area Book work on my mission.

I started to look through some of the old investigators.  I read probably 30 or 40 sheets.  I decided to take the phone and call all of them.  I just started from the beginning and called every single person, explaining that we were the new missionaries of Dijon and asking if they would be interested in learning more about our message.  For all those who did not answer, I left a message.  Once I got through the old investigator sheets I started on the potential investigators sheets, calling every phone number that wasn't crossed out.  I started feeling like a missionary again!  We say some pretty cool miracles out of this.  One of the old investigators, a man named Regis who was taught back in May, who was actually a referral from the church, accepted to meet with us.  Elder Powell and Elder Dieduksman taught him and he accepted to be baptised in October, we will be teaching him twice a week and he plans on coming to church this Sunday.  He was on a sincere search for the truth.  Another number that I called was just a woman who was contacted on the street in the spring of 2012.  She hadn't been called once since the missionaries contacted her and got her number.  It was actually her husband who answered.  I explained who I was and asked if their family would be interested in hearing a Christian message for the family.  He said yes, but that he wanted to talk to his wife before setting up a RDV.  He told me he would call me back.  This made me a little nervous because when people say that they're going to call you back, it's pretty rare that they do.  Two hours later he called me back asking if Saturday at 11 would work.  Elder L'homel and Elder Powell taught the entire family, husband, wife, and three boys (9,3 and 1).  They're a great Catholic family that was not at all practicing, but wanted religion in their life.  The husband said the prayer at the end and apparently it was very sincere and came from the heart.  We will be teaching them again tomorrow and they plan on coming to church this sunday.  I have a testimony of Area Book work.

It was hard to say goodbye to Elder L'homel and Elder Dieduksman yesterday, they are good friends.  Elder L'homel and I were Zone Leaders together so we say each other all the time and after the mission I'm going to visit him and his family in Nancy (just two hours north of here).  It's crazy how fast the mission flies by.

I love you my dear family!  Thank you for your prayers and care.  My foot will heal fast and soon I'll be out there calling the French people unto repentance. ;)  Have an excellent week and find joy in the journey!

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler

PS.  I got to eat frogs legs for the first time on my mission!  They have the texture of crab but taste like chicken!  YUM!

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