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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Le Champ Blanchit Deja Pour La Moisson

Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 4:38 AM
Family and friends,
Another week has walked it's path and yet a new is on it's toes.

I desire to express to you the incredible power of the Holy Ghost in this work.  Us, the missionaries, truly do nothing, we just obey what the Lord has asked of us and work in our weakness and God gives us the greatest reward... the ability to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ change lives (1 Corinthians 9).

So, I want to recount to you a few incredible and life-changing experiences that I have had with the Spirit just in the last few days.  So remember how I told you how we would be teaching a student from China, who came to church for the first time EVER last week.  He had next to NO religious background whatsoever and even less so of a knowledge of any Christian knowledge.  So I had the opportunity to teach him with the man who introduced him to our church.  It was a very basic lesson on our relationship with God and Jesus Christ.  It took nearly an hour and half because he has so many questions and wants to know so much!  The Spirit was in the room for every moment of the lesson, especially when we watched a film about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ the Savior.  He had a firm understanding of how sacred the topics we shared with him were.  It was pretty funny, after we showed him the film, he asked if it was OK to make documentary films on things as sacred as the Son of God.  We had to explain to him that the film was to teach us and to help us to feel the Spirit, but that, YES, it was sacred.  At the end, we taught him about prayer and invited him to say the closing prayer.  It was the first time I've ever heard someone say their first prayer aloud.  Quite an incredible experience.  Then, just yesterday he was at church again, which he LOVES.  It was super funny, in Gospel Principles class we were talking about how the family and how if it is founded on the principles of the Gospel it can be strengthened against the evils of the world.  At one point in the lesson, he got up in front of the entire class and told all about his family.  He said that even though he didn't know anything about Jesus before, in China, his family was super important to him and they tried their best to live good lives.  He's a rock star.  We'll be teaching him more this week, you'll be updated.

Geotta!  I want to tell you about Geotta.  She is from the country of Romania and speaks very little French.  We met her through her friend, who was taking the missionary lessons, but stopped progressing.  Geotta is a very pleasant, pleasant person.  She does so much good for her family, but lives a difficult life.  Her husband is in and out of the hospital, so he can't work.  She works throughout the week to support herself, husband, children and grand-children.  It has been quite difficult to see her just because she is SO busy with all.  But she loves the missionaries and the gospel.  This week we saw for the first time in a while.  Althought there is the language barrier, we have seen miracles with her and the Spirit.  She read ALL of the Pamphlets that we gave her in Romanian, and understood it all.  When we teach her, we have our pamphet in French and hers in Romanian and we follow along with her and STUDY.  She understands it all and eats it up.  She loves Joseph Smith and the message of the Restoration, but she still hasn't received a spiritual confirmation, so she won't commit to baptism.  She knows that the gospel has the power to change her life, she just needs to start having deep, personal, spiritual experiences on her own.  We are helping her along!  It is so much fun to watch her progress.

So Elder Tulley and I will be resting her for another 6 weeks together!   We're really excited because we have so many great things coming up... all the students are back and this week, we'll be teaching some who we've already met.  Pilar is getting ready for her baptism.  Nicolas is back in Aix and we get to see him this week!  Should be an excellent transfer.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and all the love.  I have a family incroyable.  Have a magical, marvellous and magnificent week and we'll catch up soon.


Elder Kunzler

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