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Monday, October 15, 2012

Whoa!~~~ Miracles!

Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 3:17 AM

Dearest family and friends,

I have SO many miracles that I wish to unlay to you at this time!  The work here is incredible and God is truly gathering in his sheep, building his Zion!

So I first want to tell you about the unreal experience that I had on Thursday.  It was my first Zone Conference.  For those of you who don't know what a Zone Conference is, it's where the mission president and his wife come to visit all the missionaries that are within the stake to hold a day of rejuvenation and training.  We had the lucky opportunity of being able to hear from a Seventy, Elder Texiera and his wife.  Elder Texiera is from Portugal and speaks beautiful Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and probably every other language known to man since the Tower of Babel.  It incredible to hear a man speak with so much power, authority and conviction on the topic which he knows so well: missionary work.  He gave us some new tips, made some powerful promises and taught with power.  At the beginning I got to shake his hand, he pronounced Kunzler perfectly and said I have a beutiful German name.  What a compliment!  Haha.  The best part was at the end, when President allowed me to go and meet with him.  President Roney is like a father.  It was incredible to pray and hold a one-on-one conversation with one of the Lord's leaders in his work.  He told me to tell you... ROFL... that you've brought up a sharp tool in the Lord's hands (I didn't want to, but he made me promise).  He made me some incredible promises and we had a very sacred conversation which will always stay with me.  At one point he said...."Most people don't have this opportunity, but I want you to have the opportunity to ask any question to a general authority of the Lord."  It was ultra cool.  We talked about the eternities and beyond.  I have a firm testimony that the men who God is calling to direct his work have the keys to speak in his name.  Very powerful stuff.

So, in other news... we had an incredible miracle this week.  The night of the zone conference, we were on spiritual FIRE.  We went to the home of a recent convert and it just happened (NOT CHANCE) that one of long-time amis was there.  Her name is Pilar and she has been investigating the church for almost a year.  She started when her friend, (Irma) started.  Irma is a recent convert with an excellent testimony.  Pilar has a great testimony, she knows its all true, and she comes to church every week, but she won't be baptized because she can't commit to pay tithing.  So, after diner, we started by sharing a spiritual thought on the topic of MIRACLES.  The Spirit was really strong. Everyone in the room started sharing experiences in which they have seen the hand of the Lord.  Then the attention moved to Pilar.  She bore an incredible testimony of all that she knew to be true.  Elder Tulley invited her to be baptized.  She said no.  She started talking about all of her concerns, financially, material, etc.  We did our best to help her understand the laws of obedience and blessing, etc.  The Spirit was still there, and we could see it working in her, but she was afraid.  I looked her in the eyes and said, "Pilar, I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I have the power and authority to make sacred promises to you.  I promise you that if you will you get on your knees and pray right now, asking the Lord if you ought to be baptized, you will get an answer here and now."  I had never heard her pray before, but this prayer was the most sincere and moving prayers that I've ever heard.  The Spirit inspired and touched every word that escaped her lips.  She began by sharing her desire to come unto Christ, the Spirit then moved her to ask for an answer, then the Spirit asked her to pray for courage and strength.  When she ended, there were tears in the eyes of everyone in the room.  She'll be getting baptized next Saturday!

So our ami pool is filling up.  I want to share an experience that I had yesterday.  It is a testimony to me that the Lord puts those whom he has prepared into our hands.  There is an American, from Orem, UT who joined our ward a few weeks ago because he is studying international business here at the university in Aix.  This week he brought some friends from school to church.  They were from China and had NEVER gone to church before.  Any kind of church.  They didn't know anything about Christ (other than that he died for sins) and they didn't know who God was.   I had the opportunity to translate for one of them (thanks to the wonderful gift of tongues).  His name is Lion.  He is a lion.  I did my best to explain what was going on, throughout the meetings and to teach him, very basically about Christ, scripture, God, etc.  At the end, he told me that he felt like he was at home.  I helped him realize that it was the Spirit confirming to him that all that he was learning was the truth.  He committed himself to reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, etc.  We look forward to teaching him more this week.

I love being a part of this work!  Thanks for all the prayers and the support.  I love you all with my heart and soul.


Elder Kunzler

P.S.  There's a snake in my boot!

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