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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wow, you guys are great!

Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 4:36 AM


Thank you all for sending a huge tsunami-sized wave of love in my direction this morning.  I don't know if you guys planned it that way or what, but you left me in tears with all your wonderful words and warm hearts.  Thanks for that!

This week has been a little bit different than all of the other weeks in my mission.  It was also one of the most forming.  I learned things this week that I'm going to be applying for the rest of the my mission and probably for the rest of my life.  One, namely: time management.  Elder Tulley and I really evaluated our efforts, what's been working, what hasn't and we redirected our focus.
The photo is me getting bitten on the elbow by a ravinous wolf.  Enjoy!

We've been doing some more pool cleaning.  Those investigators who aren't progressing and whose intentions are not there at this point, we have left alone for the time being and we decided to spend our time seeking out those who have been prepared by ANGELS.  We had some really cool successes.  We've been praying a lot to be able to find this people and to recognize them and we have filled up our agendas this week with rendezvous's for those whom we have given Book of Mormons and have real intent!  It's kind of funny, in missionary work you see a pattern in which you have times where you are teaching lots of lessons, and then times when you are doing lots of finding.  This last week, we taught less lessons than we ever have, but we also set more rendezvous's with strangers than ever before.

I have many miracles which I could share with you this week, but I will relate with a few chosen ones.  Remember Pilar?  She is the older lady from Spain, who had a baptism date, but backed out because of fears and doubts?  Well, we've helped address some of her doubts and alleve some of her fears, and she is on the right course again.  She doesn't have a date set yet, but we have set a goal to set one this week with her.  The miracle lesson with her was one with the bishop.  It was about perseverance and endurance (with hints of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and how that helps).  I told her about my marathon experience and shared one of my favorite Paul scriptures with her and the bishop bore testimony of the Holy Ghost.  The Spirit was there bearing testimony.  You can tell when Pilar is feeling the Holy Ghost because she kind of quiets down a little bit and talks more nicely :)  (she's really old and likes to talk a lot about n'importe quoi)  At the end, when we invited her to pray, she said like a 10 minute long prayer, asking for guidance and courage.  We have so much faith in her and such high hopes for this week!

In other news, Ling Liu is progressing gloriously (as always)  her baptism date is now the 12th, so that she doesn't have to wait a week to get confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost.  She is super excited (as are we) to hear the words of the prophets, and to apply them to her personal life just before making her glorious covenant with the Lord.  She is so golden.  She will be going to China, just a few days after her baptism for about a month.  She already has plans to share the gospel and to spread the good word!

Happy October and full moon (it's a Chinese holiday*).  Enjoy the harvest season over in the states and know that the harvest is going well over here in France. ;)


Elder Kunzler

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