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Monday, January 13, 2014

D'un Jour Meilleur l'Aurore Luit

This delightful woman that we contacted yesterday let me borrow her hat!

Dearest family and families,

As some of you have already heard from the mission office this last, I confirm that my foot will be operated on this afternoon!  Last week, we did a bit more investigating (with an ultrasound) and found that there is still a 2.1 cm long sliver of wood still hanging out underneath my skin.  This explains why my foot has been ejecting puss nearly nonstop for the last 5 or so months.  The operation should be quite simple and the recovery is not really going to affect the work, which is huge blessing as we are seeing many miracles in this area at this time.

This last week we were to teach 10 lessons, the most I've taught since I've been here in Nice and we have 4 new investigators.  As I explained last week, some of our investigators who had previously been showing progression or potential have been either difficult to contact or have not been show sincere desire.  That is why it is really cool that the Lord has been willing to bless us with sheaves on our backs right when we thought we were losing investigators!

I would like to start by sharing some really cool experiences that we have had very recently in aiding in the member missionary efforts.

First, on Saturday night, our awesome, young Elder's Quorum President, Tahiana gave me a call and told me that his former business management professor would be coming to church the following morning and that he would like me to be the one to welcome him to church, because, according to him, he was JUST like me.  So, I wasn't very surprised when a beautiful, intelligent, funny and incredibly nice man showed up to sacrament meeting with a huge smile on his face.  Hehe.  After the hymn that we sung, he said that he felt very relaxed and at ease.  After the meeting, Tahiana and I were able to chat with him.  He had a ton of questions and we had an epic conversation.  He is Christian, but he has lots of doubts about things like the creation and Adam and Eve.  He is just a very good person who is searching for something that will bring him peace and solace in this world.  My companion and I had to go in the middle of the conversation, but Tahiana called me later and told me that after I had left he met the bishop and they stayed and chatted for a while.  After leaving, Yannick (Tahiana's friend) called him and told him that he had been reflecting and he thinks that this is the path that he ought to take.  We will be teaching him on Wednesday!  Member missionary work is the best!

Tahiana's brother, Tanjona, our former WML comes with us to play basketball on Saturdays with some of his friends and another member's friends.  During basketball this week, Tanjona explained to us that one of his friends who was there had received a Book of Mormon and had come to a few Young Adult activities in the past.  He asked us to do a follow-up with him.  So after the games, we were able to walk out of the courts with him and get to know him a little better.  He's a really cool Christian who doesn't really go to church, but lives better values than a lot of people who do.  He lives the Word of Wisdom à fond.  We invited him to church and he said he would come!  Then he showed up at 8:45, 15 minutes before the meetings even started!  Tanjona was so stoked to see him there.  He loved church and we will be doing an FHE with him tomorrow evening.  Some cool potential.

We are also now teaching a solid young man from the Congo.  His name is Kisky.  Yeah, it sounds like a rapper name.  He knows the Bible better than any one I've ever taught on my mission.  He was actually contacted and passed to us by the sisters here.  He is originally Catholic, but he converted to an Evangelical church a few a years ago, but he doesn't really practice that any more.  He has a super huge desire to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  He told us that he was going to read and deeply study whatever we gave him to read between appointments and seek divine help in determining if it is true.  He read 3 Nephi 11 after our first meeting and loved it.  He is fun to teach, because he understands the magnitude of EVERYTHING we teach and he understands why we are there, to help him to prepare to be baptized once he gets an answer.  He said that he would be baptized if he receives his answer that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet!  Cool.

A few other cool other investigators I will not have the time to tell you about, Michel, a 20 year old Brazilian and Lilian a delightful French woman who is looking for truth.

Nice is the best.  Miracles are happening everywhere.  In Cannes, there was a baptism on Saturday.  Someone who had been coming to church and receiving the lessons for the last 2 years (even has an institute diploma).  He just up and decided that he was ready.  Joy!

I know that this work is the most rewarding of all and I encourage you all to join in the greatest of all causes!  I testify of the fulfilling feeling that God grants us as we engage in the same cause to which He himself consecrates all his time and energy (even though he lives in eternity and has a resurrected body), "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man".

God speed the right!

Avec amour,


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