Lyon, France

Friday, January 3, 2014

Maître, La Tempête Lance...

Dear family and friends,

It was radical to see you all and to enjoy your presence on Christmas day!  James might be the classest missionary east of the Mississippi.  It was awesome to be with you for a while!

So, I got to talk with you about the pretty cool Christmas miracles that Elder Behling and I saw... but I'd like to go into a bit more detail so that all can hear!

Stella is a German woman who met the missionaries the first week that she came here to Nice.  She doesn't speak French, but fairly good English.  She was introduced to us by Franco, our rich Jewish investigator, who has given us 6 referrals since the time that we started teaching him (we are currently teaching 2 of these referrals).  Stella came to France to change.  She is retired, has two children and was looking for an adventure.  She is Catholic and has great faith in Jesus Christ.  She came to the ward meal at the church on Christmas Day, and we gave her the Book of Mormon as a Christmas gift.  We taught her again yesterday and we were able to show her a church film in German and she was very touched by the Spirit.  She said a beautiful German prayer at the end of the lesson.  There is a wonderful Austrian couple here in our ward that has been helping us to fellowship and teach her.  Everything just kind of fell into place and she is now a progressing investigator with a lot of potential!  She told us yesterday that she wants us to teach her on a daily basis, so we will be going back in just a couple of hours to reveal more of God's truths to her.  God works in mysterious ways!

Mina is super cool.  We gave the Book of Mormon to her when she came to church last sunday and she has already read 12 chapters in.  She tells us that she is Buddhist and Catholic, that she has 2 religions already and that she isn't sure if she wants a third, so we're doing our best to help her to see that this is between her and God.  She didn't understand that at first.  She just thought that we were spiritual masters called to just give her spiritual comfort in a time of need (she is going through a divorce), but we are helping her to see that we are representatives of the Lord, there to help her to come to Him.  She loves Jesus Christ, but she doesn't know Him very well.  We have complete confidence that God will guide her as she continues to place her confidence in Him.  She has already had some incredible experiences with prayer, and she is sure to see more miracles.

Meilleurs Voeux et Bonne Année!

Avec amour,

Elder Kunzler

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