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Monday, January 6, 2014

Israel, Israel, Dieu t'appelle

Stella's Christmas gift, Das Buch Mormon!

Dearest friends, family, acquintances, kinsfolk, and strangers,

The time has come.  The Lord is gathering in his sheep.  He is gathering them from the four corners of the earth (I've never really understood this expression, because the earth doesn't have any corners), from the northern countries.  The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.  The Lord's work is being accomplised even in the city of Nice, France.  Where there are 10 full time missionaries bringing in the harvest this beautiful month of January.

Over a month and a half ago I gave the Book of Mormon to a Jewish man named Izak, who was about to leave to go the Holy Land, the country of Israel.  I told him that I would contact him upon his return.  Now this man has come to church three times in a row, and yesterday he committed to be baptised at the end of the month.  This is someone who did not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ.  A man who used to worship God in synangogues.  He is someone who has taken time and energy to teach and help understand, but who has little by little progressed and received testimonies.  He loves to do missionary work.  Have already met over half a dozen of his friends and been able to teach about half of them.  He is excited to be able to share "l'église Mormon" with his friends.  Good example.

High on the Mountaintop, a Banner is Unfurled (over Nice)

Let me tell you about a few of his friends that we teach.

First there is Stella.  Stella is a wonderful German woman who is only staying in Nice for a few months.  She came to France on a bit of a spiritual journey and she met us her first week and has read from the German Book of Mormon that we gave her nearly every day since Christmas.  She is afraid to go come to church, however, because she doesn't want members getting the idea that she Izak's wife.  Hehe.  She already has a very strong testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and she is loving the things that she is learning with us.  A wonderful woman who will stay here until the end of February and is progressing in her study of the restored gospel.

Then there is Alain.  Alain owns a shop that is just a couple blocks from our apartment.  We actually just ran into him on the way to come do our emails.  He is an evangelical christian convert, he was born catholic, but he considers himself a true convert of only a few years.  He, however, has kept some of the catholic doctrines that pleased him, one's that are not found in his current church, while rejecting others.  We will be teaching him for the third time this evening and will be sharing the Plan of Salvation, which he has many questions about.  Teach the gospel to friends of investigators is really cool.  Almost as good as teaching the friends of members :).

Des cuisses de grenouilles! Frog legs!

Unfortunately, we have been unable to get into contact with a few of our other investigators.  Mina and Moise are sure to get into contact with us very soon.  Keep them in your prayers, please.  The last time I talked to Mina, she was going through some family difficulties.

Happy New Year, one and all!  2014 is sure to be a wonderful year!  Let us be committed to serve the Lord this year in whatever capacity or situation God has given us!

Avec amour,


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